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    Forget about cliques and tribes. Old labels no longer stick. A jock can be a nerd.
    A prom queen can be a gamer. Celebrities, brands and bloggers don’t define us.
    We define ourselves. Get to know us.

    We Are GenZ

    We are healthy! Active Health Conscious. How often do you exercise, if at all. Once a week or more (Total 78%). Asian - 83%, Hispanic - 79%, White - 79%, African Americans - 74%
    I watch what I eat (Total 45%). 57% - Asian, 46% Hispanic, 41% African Americans, 40% White.
    Mental health. Left swipe fears. What others think of me is important to me (53% total). 57% White. 57% Asian. 52% Hispanic. 46% African Americans.
    Teenage blues. How often do you have the following feelings? (once a week or more). Feeling stressed (Total 64%). White 71%. Hispanic 66%. Asian 65%. African Americans 55%
    There are mean girls and trolls in every culture but reasons for bullying vary by ethnicity and race. From what you've seen or heard firsthand. What do people your age get picked on most about? Skin color (Total 27%). 35% Africn Americans. 27% Hispanic. 27% Asian. 20% White. Dumb/Naïve (Total 44%) 40% African Americans. 45% Hispanic. 55% Asian. 42% White
    Sources of health information. Mother & MD's know best. Sex ed: online and offline. The internet is a source of sexual education (Total 49%). 55% Asian. 39% African Americans. Parents are a source of sexual education (Total 38%). 45% White. 21% Asian.
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