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    Forget about cliques and tribes. Old labels no longer stick. A jock can be a nerd.
    A prom queen can be a gamer. Celebrities, brands and bloggers don’t define us.
    We define ourselves. Get to know us.

    We Are GenZ

    It Is Important Not To Offend Other Cultures and Etnicities (58% Total), Hispanics and African Americans Are The Most Culturally Sensitive, African American 65%, Hispanic 63%, Asian 54%, and White 51%.
    I Am Proud Of My Cultural Heritage (60% Total) Hispanics and African Americans Are Most Proud Of Their Heritage. African Americans 73%, Hispanics 63%, Asians 53%, and Whites 47%.
    The Thing I Think Most About Is... My Future, I'm Scared About Being Out On My Own. I'm Scared About Being A Failure. I've Joined The Military And I'm Nervous About That Too. Dan, 17.
    Confident Not Conceited, I Can Make A Difference In The World, 50% AA Males, and 58% AA Females.
    Happines + Passion = Success, Indicator Of Success Being Wealthy/Rich 37% Total, Being Passionate/Enjoying What You Do For A Living 71% Total.
    On Brands, I'll Buy Anything That's Cheap, But Good Quality Matters - JC, 17.
    Brands (Products) Help Me Show Off My Personality (57% Total).
    61% Whites, and 53% Asians.
    I Relate To Brands That Make Me Look Cool.
    I Relate To Brands That Make Me Look Cool, African Americans Like Brands That Help Them Look Cool.
    I'd Rather Hang Out With My Friends Online Than in Person (13% Total).
    Technology Improves My Life (81% Total).
    Social Media Helps Me Express My Self (58%).
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