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    Forget about cliques and tribes. Old labels no longer stick. A jock can be a nerd.
    A prom queen can be a gamer. Celebrities, brands and bloggers don’t define us.
    We define ourselves. Get to know us.

    We Are GenZ

    Gender Matters Males Shop Differently Than Females.
    Are You Saving to Buy a Car? 57% Males and 39% Females, I Have a Favorite Brand 71% Males and 60% Females, I Prefer To Buy Products Online 43% Males and 34% Females.
    OldSchool Rules Traditional Media Still Drive Purchase.
    Seing An Item in a Magazine or Catalogue Encourages a Purchase 23% Total, 24% Hispanic, 20% Whites, 27% African Americans and 19% Asians.
    Advertisements Are a Good Way to Learn About New Products 63% Total, 66% Hispanic, 60% Whites, 64% African Americans, 62% Asians.
    We're not Always Digital Real World Experiences Drive Purchase.
    Discovering An Item Through A Friend or Family Member Encourages a Purchase 50% Total, 53% Hispanic, 54% Whites, 45% African Americans, 50% Asians, Seing An Item in a Store Encourages a Purchase 56% Total, 54% Hispanic, 60% Whites, 56% African Americans and 56% Asians.
    Frugal is The New Black Financial Responsibility is Important.
    I Wait Until There is a Sale Before Shopping Total %49, Hispanic 50%, Whites 47%, African Americans %41 and Asians 63%. I Will Save Up Money to Purchase an Expensive Item Total 69%, Hispanic 74%, Whites 69%, African Americans 67%, and Asians 67%.
    Of Brands And Men Males Look to Brands to Help Shape Their Identity.
    I Like Brands my Friends Like 54% Males and 47% Females. I Relate to Brands that Make me Look Cool 62% Males and 52% Females.
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